Scouting out Nashville, Tennessee Photography locations

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We at Haag Portrait Studio have been driving the streets of Nashville looking for those perfect locations to photograph.  Our first stop was at an area known as the Gulch, this is an area near downtown Nashville that is a trendy and really cool area.  As we walked the area we found some great areas that we are really excited about, here are a few samples from our tour. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


Out with the old in with the New!

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2011 was a year of change for Haag Portrait Studio, as we split our time between Jonesboro, Arkansas and Nashville, Tennessee.
It was a great year for our senior photography business, as we were blessed to work with some really special seniors! It seems like we photographed all over Jonesboro and we began the process of finding some of the great places to shoot in Nashville. It was also a year we made some significant investments in new equipment, the most significant of which is our new Hasselblad H4D-40. What this means for our clients is some amazing images from a camera that is used in the high end fashion and the music industries. This camera is incredible, the range of highlights to shadows make for really beautiful images! So to all of our client we say thank you for helping to make 2011 such a special year!


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Hallie and I had quite a ball together. Hallie was a fantastic model! Aside from being a sweetie, she is a natural, athletic beauty with great carriage, as you can clearly see in this pic. She has an amazing smile that I really think is the home of this image. A portrait is merely a frame for the expression of the individual; you can’t make a stellar shot without an expression to match, and Hallie has us covered! I also love the motion in her hair and dress, that came from a little bit of twirling. I love the way the amber tall grasses and her fabulous dress contribute to our bohemian summer feeling.

My session with Bekka

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These are a few of our favorites from a recent session we had with Bekka. Is she not stunning? The black and whites are so beautiful on her. Her complexion glows in highlight and shadows, and her eyes just sing. In the black and white with her hair up, that was me holding her hair in a pile on top of her head with my arm chicken-winged to keep it out of the shot. The red one looks to me like ritzy Hollywood glamour with a definite modern edge. I love these! We had a great time together.

Profiles of a mother and daughter

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These shots are from a studio session that we had this week. This mother and daughter were so sweet and wonderful to work with. The profile is one of my absolute favorite shots! These are so beautiful. I love the quality of light wrapping around the subject’s features; it appears to me as though the viewer is watching the subject look at a sunrise. I especially like the light that penetrates the iris, making it appear transparent and luminous like sunshine in ocean water. It is all around a simple and beautiful shot, drawing the viewer solely into the subject.

A couple from Ty’s Session

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This is one of my favorites; I believe Ty liked it as well! Ty was a perfect model for this shot. His expression and personality fit, so that it has a natural, unaffected feel. I also think that it makes a broad statement about our style. It definitely pleases my personal taste. I love the art-piece texture of the image; I think it gives a very contemporary, but timelessly good feel. It is punchy, but not overly trendy. It records the time in which we live, without being a piece that is solely fun without enduring value. I think it is a very nice fusion of portrait with a fashion vibe- in addition, it’s just awesome. This is an image and a style that I am very passionate about.

I love this one as well! This is also very natural of Ty. This is just as modern, but slightly more formal and definitely more classical than the other image. This image also profiles Haag Portrait Studio style. His expression is the thing that gets my attention first. This image of Ty keeps the hip factor but draws in the warmth of his personality; his smile is absolutely contagious. This type image is very gratifying to shoot because it has such value for the subject and their loved ones. It’s hard not to love a portrait that puts the subject in a beautiful, simple setting that allows the viewer to focus on the subject and the feeling in their face. One of the most glorious things about this type of portrait- a very simple, clean style- is that everyone loves them.

One of my favorites from our session with Meredith

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First of all, Meredith was an absolute joy to work with; she was very sweet and very beautiful, as I am sure you can tell. We shot a ton of images that I love with her, but this is one of my favorites. I have been gleaning a lot of my creative inspiration from fashion photographer’s work lately, and I think that this one reflects those fashion influences very clearly. I love the intensity and the movement in her pose and expression and her hair. I love the flood of light bathing her skin and eyes- largely due to my fabulous partner in lighting design (my Daddy). I love the gentle, glowing highlights on her skin. Meredith was a great model for this, and we had lots of fun! Thanks and ttyl!

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